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Collection: Chains and Extensions

We offer additional chains that can be added to any order or purchased individually. Please see the differences in the quality of chains below: 

Sterling Silver - These necklaces are .925 Sterling Silver and are a bright white in color. Please keep in mind that these necklaces are not pure sterling silver as pure sterling is usually too soft for jewelry crafting. These necklace chains have a small percentage of copper added to strengthen the chain.  Unfortunately, because of the metals added, sterling silver, even real .925 sterling silver, will always tarnish. 

Stainless SteelWe carry quite a few pieces that are stainless steel. Though it is not the same color as fine silver, it has an attractive muted grey color and can have a shiny or matte finish. Stainless steel is more tarnish resistant. An added bonus is that stainless steel jewelry is an excellent alternative for wearers with allergies and sensitivity to base metals such as copper or brass.

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver - These necklaces are top quality chains! Rhodium belongs to the Platinum group of metals. It is a precious metal, like gold, silver or platinum, only more expensive, because it is very rare in nature. Rhodium makes an excellent plating material to help give a higher sheen to silver or white gold pieces. It is also harder than both silver and gold so it makes an excellent protective coat that shields jewelry from scratches. It does NOT tarnish and is a great recommendation for those who are allergic to silver.

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