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New Beginings

This study was exceptional,iam always anxious in a New Year,what God is planning for me and knowing God gives encouragement and truth in his word,and iam never alone in doing things for him for He is right there beside me.


True freedom in Christ this Bible study showed just that.I liked it very much will be going to go back to it often.

Love them!

I love the Bible post it notes. They are a perfect addition to my bible study!


I just received my first set, I am very happy with the quality and am using them in my Bible study. They are the perfect size to add beside scripture references. I a very happy about being able to use them either on the left or right side.

These were perfect for hostess gifts for the Bible study I am hosting at my house.

Faith Washi Tape

This washi tape is so gorgeous and I am using it very often in my Bible and prayer journal! It is high quality washi tape that I would recommend for anyone! 💛

My Faith Journal

I love the design. This is so different.

The Blessed Method

I love it!

Super Size

I didn't know I NEEDED this!! The shape and size are perfect for journaling items!! And of course the Side Notes are always perfect!!! I like the top handle for convenience!! Thanks Bev!!


Yes the Lord is majestic enjoyed coloring this and now I need to get a frame for this is a great reminder to greet the day.

Lovely Washi Tape!

I am very pleased with my first order of washi tape! My order arrived packed very well, the colors are beautiful and my favorite part is that when I had a question- it was answered very quickly!

I will definitely reorder and recommend highly!

100% satisfaction from me!

He Makes Me Brave
Leslie Lynn Gore
Me Brave

It is a true statement it was a little hard for me to color it was a little to much for my eyes.

Not Perfect, Just Forgiven
Leslie Lynn Gore
Not perfect

I love this because we fall into societies everything has to,be perfect,well iam,not by any,means but I'm perfect in,God's eyes and he has forgiven,me for my mess ups that's all I need.

VBS study

It is a joy to learn about the women of the Bible! Bev has done a great job with this book. Snack suggestions, puzzles, crafts, and teaching about 6 women.

Haven’t received yet

I’ve been gone. Something’s up with our mail since we’ve been back. Will be in touch with the postal service and let you know. However, I’m positive this will be great like all your other things! God’s Blessings

Super Stoked

I am so happy with my 8 pks. Of sti kers. They are perfect to use in my planners and journals!!

VBS Devotion Kit

This is so amazing! Brings back memories of my childhood days of VBS. I always looked forward to it! Will definitely be purchasing every kit you create. It has been very relaxing, informative and fun. You are so talented!


My grandkids will love these when I include in the notes I send to them.


Love these!


These are just what I hoped they would be. Can't wait to use them. These would make perfect gifts for a Bible study leader or just for yourself!

I love these!

I bought a set of these to give to my daughter for summer church camp and she and her friends loved them! They really helped them during their Bible Study time. She loves them!


This is a simple way to bring scripture close.

Wonderful journal

When i first open the package I was impressed. I love this journal

Ruler Journaling Stencils
Beverly Heckard
Ruler journaling stencils

Very fast service, great product.

Bible Phrases Sticker Set
Beverly Heckard
Bible phrase stickers

Very fast service, great product.