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And Do Not Forget to Do Good and to Share with Others

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” ~Hebrews 13:16

The Bible is chock full of reminders to help those in need. Intuitively, we KNOW that is a good thing. It is one of those things that evolutionists cannot explain. How would a sense of morality develop from primordial slime unless an “Intelligent Designer” was involved?

C.S. Lewis wrote, “Moral law differs from herd instinct…supposing you hear a cry for help from a man in danger. You will probably feel 2 desires - one desire to give help and the other to keep out of danger. But you will find inside you an additional thing which tells you to follow the instinct to help and suppress the impulse to run away.” ~'Mere Christianity'

The greatest good is to love. Also from C.S. Lewis, “Do not waste time bothering whether you love your neighbor; act as if you did. When behaving as you love someone, you will presently come to love them.”

When we love, we please God. Putting others first is always a sacrifice because you are pushing away ME. ‘Me’ LOVES to be pampered and coddled. But here’s the great paradox…when we serve others, we become fulfilled. Our souls soar with the eagles, we are energized with the love of God. It truly is a WIN-WIN!

Have a blessed day!

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