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Beautiful New Beginnings

Beautiful New Beginnings, Blessed Be Boutique, Christian

Painful endings often lead to beautiful new beginnings - that is the silver lining in every rain cloud - the rainbow following a storm. Sometimes it seems like we'll never survive a painful time - it seems endless and there is no light at the end of the tunnel that travels for what seems an eternity. But God ALWAYS opens that window when the door slams shut.

Sometimes we have to go thru trials before we get to the good stuff. I read a quote by Steve McVey - "The darkest colors in the masterpiece are part of what makes it beautiful. The minor keys can contain some beautiful songs. The bitter ingredients in the recipe enhance the wonderful flavor. So it is with life." In other words, there is an element of hope in every situation - the difficult is necessary to experience the beautiful. And the greatest example of this is the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

After the most painful of deaths and suffering the price of sin for all of humanity, Jesus ushered in the beautiful new beginnings of the new covenant - a guarantee of our future destiny.

The next time you feel overwhelmed and embroiled in a mess, look up and know that Jesus has already conquered - He is victorious over all painful endings.

New beginnings are for there for YOU and for me. For everyone at just the right time. You don't have to look for help - He is there with His arms outstretched, welcoming, anxiously waiting to be gracious to you (from Isaiah 30:18).

Have a blessed day!

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