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Blessed are the Merciful, for They Will Be Shown Mercy

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” ~Matthew 5:7

What if this verse meant something other than what we usually think it means? I’ve always been taught that if I am merciful to others then God will be merciful to me. You too?

This verse is part of what we know as the Beatitudes, a section of the Sermon on the Mount. The whole purpose was to teach the people how to live life - how to experience the Kingdom of God on earth. Jesus is saying, “With people, you get what you give. If you forgive a wrong, it’s very likely they will forgive you as well. If you show mercy, mercy comes back.” The people of that time were used to living by the mantra of “an eye for an eye” - in fact, the Middle East still lives by that rule. But Jesus brought a new way - a way that is so unexpected, so surprising that those who listened were incredulous. “What? But that goes against everything we’ve ever lived!”

Why would the meaning return to ‘old school' in our time? We read over and over that God LONGS to be merciful to us. That mercy triumphs over judgment. That Jesus did not come to judge but to save, to show mercy on all. He doesn’t dole out mercy grudgingly, ”Oh, they were kind for 2 minutes and 20 seconds…I’ll do the same back to them”. He overflows with abundant grace and mercy. Let that flow through you to others. Be the grace and mercy of Jesus! You will be blessed with supreme happiness - isn’t that what we all want? To be happy?

Thank you, Father. Give us a heart of mercy to reflect Your Son! Amen


Have a blessed day!

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