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Don't Stay in the Boat

Don't Stay in the Boat


"Don't stay in the boat when God is calling you to step into the water" Matthew 14:29

Someone very close to me is currently across the Atlantic, participating in a mission project to help those who don't know Jesus. But it wasn't a easy decision. For years she had heard missionaries talk about "a calling", but didn't understand what they meant. She thought, "how would I even do that?" But God started answering that question behind the scenes! When two women spoke at her church about a recent missions trip, she was drawn to their story. A year went by and that story would not leave her mind. She resisted it thinking, "I can't make this work", but God had others plans - He pursued her, "driving her insane" with all manner of signs and opportunities. She finally understood what that calling meant!

Long story short, she left the safety of the boat and stepped into the unknown water, reaching for Jesus. He provided everything she needed for this trip - time, finances, courage, and love (and anti-malaria drugs, which knowing her, she will need). Safe travels Sammy! 

I heard a pastor once say, "You are safer in the middle of a battel field if that's where God wants you, than at home in bed". Listen for God's voice - He will not steer you wrong and you can do ANYTHING He asks of you because He will make sure you are able.

Deuteronomy 32:11  "The Lord is as an eagle, teaching her young to make their flight, with her wings outstretched over them, takes them up on her strong feathers."

Have a blessed day!

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