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"God-fidence! Knowing I can't, but He can!" What a great thing to hang on your fridge. Post on your mirror. Display on your phone or tablet. If we have that ever-present thought hovering in our mind, we should never have a bad day, right?

Even if we KNOW that is true, our insecurity often overshadows - fear and worry set in. I don't think we ever say that God is unable. We just get caught up in our own lives and focus on making everything run smoothly. It's hard to admit that we need help, anyway. We tend to see God humanly - we assume that He would be proud of us for handling something difficult on our own. Or applaud us when we resist temptation.

But God is so much bigger! He wants us to ask for help - Isaiah 30:18 says "God is longing to be gracious to you". LONGING. A continual waiting in expectation. That has to touch something in your heart. Jesus used the parable of the Prodigal Son to teach that very concept. The father had an endless reserve of love and forgiveness for his wayward son. It didn't matter what he had done or what his plans were, he was welcomed with loving arms.

That is how God sees each and every one of us!

Have God-fidence!

Have a blessed day! 💙

~Bonnie  @blessedbeboutique⁣


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  • Thank you!!!! This devotion (even though I am reading it on Feb. 9th) is confirmation to me. I have had that word God-fidence in my spirit and was even looking for t-shirts with God-fidence on them. Then just now I see your post on God-fidence and have to say THANK YOU to Holy Spirit and to you for confirming!!! Blessings!


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