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God Gives Wisdom, Knowledge, and Happiness


Date: March 25, 2024

I use the BLESS method every morning for my devotional.

B - Bible Verse
L - Listen for God's Voice and pray
E - Explore the History and meaning
S - Study the Key Words or Phrases
S - Summarize and Share

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B - Bible Verse (NIV): Ecclesiastes 2:26 "To the person who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness, but to the sinner he gives the task of gathering and storing up wealth to hand it over to the one who pleases God. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind."

L - Listen for God's Voice and Pray: Dear Lord, as we study this verse in Ecclesiastes today, we come before You with open hearts, seeking Your wisdom and guidance. Help us to understand the meaning behind these words and how they apply to our lives. Grant us the discernment to please You and receive the gifts You offer. Amen.

E - Explore the History and Meaning: Ecclesiastes, attributed to King Solomon, explores the theme of the senselessness of life apart from God.  King Solomon observes that those who please God receive the blessings of wisdom, knowledge, and happiness. This underscores the importance of living a life that aligns with God's will and seeking to please Him above all else.  But Solomon also notes that the sinner is tasked with gathering wealth, only for it to be transferred to the one who pleases God. This highlights the temporary nature of earthly pursuits and the ultimate uselessness of chasing after material gain apart from God.

S - Study the Key Words or Phrases: Key words/phrases:

Pleases him - Indicates living a life that aligns with God's will and brings Him joy.

God gives wisdom, knowledge, and happiness - Emphasizes the blessings bestowed upon those who seek to please God.

To the sinner - Refers to those who live apart from God and prioritize worldly pursuits over spiritual matters.

Task of gathering and storing up wealth - Illustrates the futility of pursuing material gain without regard for God.

S - Summarize and Share: This verse really hits home by reminding me of the profound truth that the pursuit of wisdom, knowledge, and happiness finds its ultimate fulfillment in a life that pleases God.

For me, this verse isn't just an abstract concept; it's a lived reality. I've experienced firsthand the joy and contentment that come from aligning my life with God's will, from seeking His guidance and wisdom above all else. In those moments of seeking Him, I've found a depth of understanding and insight that transcends human comprehension—a wisdom that surpasses any earthly knowledge.

But Ecclesiastes 2:26 is more than just a reflection on personal blessings; it's also a stark reminder of the fleeting nature of worldly pursuits. It's a reminder that chasing after wealth and material gain, apart from God, is a pursuit doomed to end in emptiness. I've seen this truth play out in my own life and the lives of those around me—how the relentless pursuit of success and possessions often leads to disillusionment and dissatisfaction.

Yet, there is a glimmer of hope in Ecclesiastes 2:26—a promise that God delights in those who seek Him and that true happiness and fulfillment are found in Him alone. This verse serves as a beacon of light in the midst of life's uncertainties, reminding me that my ultimate purpose and satisfaction are found in a deep and intimate relationship with my Creator.

I'm challenged to evaluate my priorities and ensure that my life is centered on pleasing God above all else. It's a reminder to prioritize spiritual growth and invest in the things that have eternal significance, rather than fleeting pleasures that fade away.

I pray today that this verse inspires us all to pursue a life that pleases God—to seek His wisdom, knowledge, and happiness above all else, knowing that in Him, we find true fulfillment and joy that endures beyond the passing pleasures of this world.

4 Bible Cross References:
Proverbs 3:13-18
Matthew 6:19-21
Luke 12:15
James 1:5

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