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God is My Strength

God is my Strength


"God is my strength" Psalm 28:7 We often hear people saying things like, "they're my everything" or "they're my rock". We know they mean, "that person is really important to me". Ten years ago, this meant that they had nothing in their life as important as that person.

It is interesting (to me, anyway) how the meaning of phrases change over time. In America, words used to mean exactly what they said. It seems that in today's world, communication is exaggerated and blown out of proportion. Everything is THE BEST, or the GREATEST or THE FUNNIEST EVER. I claim this as much as the next person.

Back when David wrote these words, he was literal (another word horridly twisted). God WAS his strength, his shield and his rock. As David was fleeing from enemies, his "legs turned to water", but God infused power and energy, giving him the strength to get away. He shielded David from death and provided the rock in which to hide.

In Old Testament literature, the name 'Rock' was ONLY given to God, never to man. In fact, when the Israelites were fleeing slavery in Egypt, an actual (yes, literal) rock followed them, providing fresh running water - a foreshadow of Jesus Christ! 1 Corinthians 10:4

I hope that God is your everything. I hope that He is MY everything. Literally.

Have a blessed day!

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