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God's Will

God tells us that He works EVERYTHING together for the good of those who love Him. (Rom 8:28) But sometimes that is so hard to believe. We pray for things and nothing happens - or so we think. God is outside of time - He sees everything at once, not like our view - a little snapshot of a moment.

I used to pray..."Lord, I want such-and-such to happen". Eventually, I could feel the Holy Spirit nudging me to add, "but I want Your will." My mind KNEW that Roman 8:28 verse, but my heart wasn't sure. I found that as my prayers added those words, it became a habit - a good one - one that my heart accepted.

Then I realized that what I thought was best wasn't always the case. Prayers were often answered differently than I anticipated. Now I end my petitions with, "Give me the strength to accept Your will".

When my mom got sick, I begged God to heal her. And He did. He took her home to live in perfect peace, without pain - completely healed. In retrospect, I knew it was good, but so so hard.

I feel the Holy Spirit poking me again..."now be THANKFUL for My will".

Lord, Your will is perfect in every way. Enable us to want it and to be thankful that You know best. Amen.
Have a blessed day! 💙

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