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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.” Exodus 23:20

The year is almost over, 2020 is just about gone. It definitely has not been like any other year that I can remember. What does 2021 hold for us? It’s hard to say…

In today’s scripture, God is telling the Hebrews that He will send an angel before them into the land and prepare a way for them. They had been taken out of captivity and brought into the desert, and God had established a relationship with them through the giving of the Ten Commandments.

What was the purpose of the angel? To guard them and bring them to the place that He had prepared. There was going to be a lot of physical danger and many times, things looked completely impossible, but they were told not to rebel against the angel and his leading. The Hebrews were successful and advanced because the angel had gone before them, not just because the Hebrews were capable of moving forward.

The same thing happens in our lives every day. We have run into a lot of situations that seem impossible, or that we are incapable of handling ourselves, so we have to step back and let God go before us and prepare the way. Many of us have had very difficult, frustrating and serious situations in the last year, but what we need to remember, is that like the Hebrews, God went before us.

However, God didn’t do all the work. Just because He goes before us doesn’t mean that everything will be perfect and it will be a smooth road. God goes before us and creates a situation where we can succeed, but there is still work ahead of us. Many times, God move us along a lot slower than we want. But those difficult times, those road blocks and unusual situations are more about our relationship with God than about a successful outcome. 

Those crazy, difficult situations that you are in right now, could God’s definition of success be different than what you see as success? Moses prayed as he moved the people forward, and we need to follow his model in our lives.  Without us praying about the situations that will come before us, how can we expect to follow God’s direction?

 Have a blessed New Year!



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