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His Love Endures Forever

Image of four pine trees in the snow with the words "Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever."
"Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever." The last day of November! Can you believe it? Now we can put all of our attention on the coming Prince of Peace, the Lord of all creation, the Promised One. The month of December is chock full of anticipation, no matter how many years you have under your belt. Even infants can feel the excitement.
I believe that the magic in the air can be attributed to the Holy Spirit, even for those who would rather focus on Santa. Family and friends gathering, music and gifts - everything points to the birth of our Savior. Even loneliness, fear and rejection - Mary and Joseph felt those emotions, as well.
Jesus understands all of it - He experienced the highs and the lows and wants to be there for you, regardless of how you view the Christmas season. Jesus is not just the babe in the manger; He LOVES you and nothing can diminish that love. It remains forever and ever.

God, You are my strength
God, You are my song
God, You are my light
My refuge in the storm
Sing praise to the Lord, for He is King
My rock and my salvation
I will not die, but live to sing
Of His love to all the Nations
His love endures forever
Have a blessed day!


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