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How to be More Grateful and Thankful this Holiday Season

How to be more Grateful and Thankful this holiday season

Holiday seasons are supposed to be a time for celebration, thankfulness and giving. But frequently, it’s a time when many people, including myself, feel the stress and pressure of endless to-do lists because we feel the need to following traditions or because we want to try something new. We are usually the ones putting that pressure on ourselves because we are so focused on what has to be done during this busy time that we forget to take the time to think about the meaning of the season.

What if the holidays this year were not about food and presents, but about the things that matter most? 

Every year, if you are like me, you start a checklist. Christmas shopping list started (check); house cleaning planned (check); menu planned (check); guest list finalized (check); and on and on. It’s exhausting just thinking about it!  What if this year, you try something new? What if, just once a day, you create an opportunity where you get some down time? Where you take 10 minutes in the morning or evening just for yourself. Maybe that means saying “no” to something that isn’t truly necessary, but it will be worth it in the end.

So what will you do with those extra minutes? We want to help you get into a more reflective mood and make sure you focus on what really counts. We want to help you redirect those negative or overwhelming thoughts and replace them with gratitude, reflection and thankfulness while strengthening your faith at the same time. Life won’t automatically get easier if you follow our suggestions, but you will become stronger in the way you handle pressures when you focus on the good instead of the bad. You’ll think more about how you’ve seen God in your life and how your faith has been there for you when you haven’t even realized it.


How do we practice gratitude?


The definition of gratitude is “the quality of being thankful.” It’s about focusing on what is good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have or experience. Practicing gratitude and being thankful shouldn’t be forced activities that make you ignore everything else happening as you gear up for the holidays. It’s pausing to notice and appreciate things we often take for granted.


Is it hard? Nope. The hardest part is just starting. It’s very similar to a mustard seed. A mustard seed is known to be one of the smallest seeds, yet once it is planted and germinates, it grows into a huge plant! But it needs to be planted first and nourished with water and food, then it will start to grow. The same with our faith. It might start small, but with the proper encouragement and support, it will grow. We’re here to help you with that. We want to help your faith grow, as your gratitude and thankfulness grow too.


We get to choose how we spend our time. We get to choose the priorities in our lives. Our walk with God is also a choice. When we spend more time with God and think more about what we are grateful for, our faith will start to grow even more.

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We have journal prompts to help you with your time spent with God. We’re not talking about spending hours on a devotional. We’re talking about taking 5 – 10 minutes to answer a few easy journal prompt questions that will help you feed and nourish your mustard seed faith.

Join us in a journey of gratitude, thankfulness and blessings as you record your memories, thoughts and feelings to help you reflect on the past, live for today, and plan for your future.

* You'll become more thankful by practicing gratitude on a daily basis and by writing down your blessings.
* Journaling in this way will help keep your mind focused on the good things. It's a journey that will strengthen your faith while transforming you into a better person.
* You'll be amazed by how different you feel at the end of this holiday season. The whole season will be about building up your faith so that it becomes stronger than ever before — and we've got all the tools to help you do just that (including the journal!).

Let’s get started!

How to be More Grateful and Thankful this Holiday Season, Grateful, Thankful, Blessed
Our Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Bundle is designed to give you everything you need to start a journal that will help change your outlook this holiday season. If you don’t already write in a journal, do not think of this as one more thing to add to your ever growing “To Do” list. Think of it as an extension of your prayers and your relationship with God.

Remember, journaling about your faith is a GOOD habit!
Once you receive your journal, you can use the prompts provided as a guide to help you find your writing voice and help you explore your thoughts and feelings. There are so many benefits to journaling such as reducing stress levels, enhancing creativity, to show you how God is working in your life and to strengthen your faith. 

Our Grateful, Thankful, Blessed bundle includes:
~ Grateful, Thankful, Blessed Dot Journal
~ Devotional booklet with journaling prompts
~ Best-selling Mustard Seed necklace to remind you of the power of faith
~ 12 piece stencil set to help give your journal an artistic look even if you aren’t creative!

Bonus Items
~ Small mesh bag for holding journaling supplies
~ Fine tip marker, Blessed Be Pen and mechanical pencil
~ 3 sticker sheets with Bible verses and inspirational quotes
~ Set of 4 sticker sheets in various shapes and sizes
~ Set of 4 printed scripture cards to use as table décor, bookmarks or give to friends
~ 6 mini washi tapes in various colors, white eraser, correction tape
~ plus other surprise goodies

Grateful, Thankful, Blessed Bundle


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