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I Am Always With You; You Hold Me By My Right Hand

“Yet I am always with you; You hold me by my right hand. You guide me with Your counsel, and afterward You will take me into glory.” ~Psalm 73:23-24

This psalm was written by the court music director, Asaph. By reading his words, it is clear that he was not very happy with life in general. He saw the bad people flourish, while the good folks were suffering. Verses 1-22 were composed by someone in anguish with the unfairness of their world.

We are like that, too, aren’t we? Greed seems to equate with success. It seems to be a cultural norm to moan about the inequality of financial status. Political platforms are based around this concept, knowing that it hits close to home to many and will stir up deep emotion.

BUT, Asaph has a turning point in verse 23. In essence, he is saying, “God, don’t you know what’s happening down here? It’s not fair. The evil get richer and there is no consequence for their actions. But, I know You’re better than anything on earth. You will take care of me and someday, I will be with You.”

What a synopsis of our life! Father, give us the same attitude as Asaph. Instill in us confidence in Your ever-present Presence. Let us rejoice in the faithfulness of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Come, Let us worship the King.

Have a blessed day!

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