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I will Praise You Among the Nations

Image of an old open Bible with the words "I will praise you among the nations, November 20, 2022, Psalm 18:49"

November 20, 2022

Psalm 18:49 “Therefore I will praise you, Lord, among the nations; I will sing the praises of your name.”

Today’s verse was written by David after the Lord had delivered him from his enemies and from Saul.  He easily remembers the terrible situations he was in and how God rescued him. He had credited God earlier in this chapter with rewarding his obedience by making him a powerful and successful military leader. Then he continues praising God and promises to praise Him among the nations, which means the Gentiles.  He promises that he will let even the Gentiles know who the true and living God is. 

Verse 50 that follows this one goes on to say that God shows unfailing kindness to His anointed, which is David, and his descendants.

Can you imagine being raised in a normal family, raising sheep ever since you could walk, and then waking up one day to be told you’ll be King someday? God promised David from an early age that he would be king of Israel and would rule over the nations. And just as God said it would happen, now David is the most powerful person alive.

We serve the same God today as David did then, and God is still keeping his promises.  God used a small, young shepherd boy and made him a King. God will use each and every one of us in amazing ways as well when we open our hearts to Him the way David did.  We might not be known outside of our little town or church, but that does not mean we aren’t doing God’s work. 

Continue to do God’s work, wherever you are. God will use you. He may use your experiences, or your talents or a combination of both. But don’t forget to praise Him and thank Him for all the things He has done in your life. 


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