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If Loving the Person

I think we tend to complicate religion. The more rules the better, right? Or at least the more things we "do for God" adds bank to our account. We can accuse others as being like the Pharisees, but if we're honest, we kind of think that way, too. It is engrained in our culture, as it was when Jesus walked this earth, He turned that tradition upside down and made most important, acts of love, compassion, forgiveness and kindness.

His acts of kindness weren't random - they were very intentional, as ours should be. They may seem random to those who don't understand what true love is, but we are an extension of Jesus and how we treat the world around us is how we treat our Lord. That's the circle of life!

Matthew 25:40b "The truth is, anything you did for any of my people here, you also did for me."


Have a blessed day! 💙⁣

~ Bonnie @blessedbeboutique

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