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Make God "THE" Priority

Father, we need to refocus our time. You tell us to seek You first - give us the motivation to do that. You lift up those who tremble at Your word - not in fear but in awe. Let us shiver with anticipation in the time we are given to study Your word.

You specialize in the crushed-of-heart - lift us up to sit with You and be comforted and soothed. You gather us under Your wings like a mother hen protecting her young. Let us linger there and hide from those who are set out to hurt us.

Your Son taught to leave mother and father, sister and brother and follow Him. We know that means that the religion of old does not have to be continued. Jesus came with a new covenant that wasn't about rules, but about love and forgiveness.

Let us recognize the truth and reality that Jesus brought that first Christmas, which remains to this day. We know that He is THE way, THE truth and Life itself. Indeed, His Words are life, and they light the pathways of our feet.

You tell us to trust You with all our heart and not to rely on our own understanding. Enable us to acknowledge You in ALL things, knowing that you will guide our journey. You have that map. You CREATED that pilgrimage.

Be our compass, our GPS. Direct our steps. Redeem the time that the locusts have eaten and organize our days so that our thoughts, words and actions are pleasing to You.



Have a blessed day! 💙

~ Bonnie @blessedbeboutique



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