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My Grace is Sufficient


Did you ever wonder why God would use you? Have you ever felt like you weren't good/strong/smart/brave enough? God seems to specialize in using the unlikely - look at David - we meet him as the least significant of his family. God used him to save Israel from their enemies and he became one of their greatest kings, ancestor of the King of kings, the Messiah. Then there was Jonah, the most reluctant of prophets, running literally and metaphorically in the opposite direction, even risking death to avoid the task that God had for him. But God used him to save an entire nation! We are given example after example in Scripture, but we tend to forget them.

I believe that every personal contact has meaning - even if the encounter is as brief as a passing in a hallway or on the street. A smile can change the course of a life. A kind hand on a shoulder, giving way to a car in traffic, giving money to someone in need. All these things are HUGE in the Kingdom of God.

When Jesus walked the earth, kindness and compassion and love were His currency. He changed every community He touched in ways that we can too!
We are IN HIM - 2 Corinthians 5:17, 20 "When anyone is in Christ, it is a whole new world. The old things are gone; suddenly, everything is new!  So we have been sent to speak for Christ. It is like God is calling to people through us."
John tells us in 14:12 "I can assure you that whoever believes in me will do the same things I have done. And they will do even greater things than I have done, because I am going to the Father."

'Greater' because believers are spread across the globe - what a collective impact Christ can have on the world! Thru us. One at a time. Little things add up! And love grows as it is spread. It truly 'makes the world go round'.

Have a blessed day!  💙

~ Bonnie  @blessedbeboutique

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