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No Limit to His Understanding

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“Great is our Lord and mighty in power; His understanding has no limit.  Psalm 147:5

It is County Fair time in rural Pennsylvania this week! If you’ve never been to one, let me tell you that county fairs tend to be crowded. There are people everywhere, looking at 4H entries, admiring beautiful quilts, crafts on display plus lots of animals and the food. Don’t even get me started on fair food! Teens, young adults and families of all ages attend county fairs in our neck of the woods.

Imagine this scenario for a minute. A toddler walks by with a big cone of cotton candy in one hand, his momma’s hand in the other, and a big smile on his sticky, messy face. As he leans over to look at a bug, he drops the cotton candy on the ground. Uh oh, down it goes on the ground, to be covered in dirt!

What happens next is every parents’ worst nightmare! The tears start, followed by a blood curling scream as every eye falls on them.  The mother leans down, and says, “What are you crying about??? If you want to cry, I’ll give you something to cry about! I just spent my last dollar and that cotton candy and you’ve ruined it!”

Wait. You don’t like that version of the story?  Let’s try again. The mother leans down, wipes the tears, and the sticky mess from his face, and starts talking soothing words to the boy until he slowly calms down. She tells him she’ll get him another one or maybe she has something better in store for him. She keeps talking till you see his little head nod and he starts smiling again. She reaches again for his hand and they head off to find a bathroom.

Life isn’t always that easy. Sometimes it’s pretty darn complicated. But we all hope and pray that the first scenario doesn’t happen. We want the second one. That’s what seems right to us, that a mother should comfort their child, even over the little things, like dropping cotton candy in the dirt.

Yet, how do we expect God to treat us when we are in the middle of a crisis, whether it truly is a serious situation, or even just something small. Maybe we are facing a loss, or know that something big is about to happen that will rock our world. Do we worry that it’s too insignificant to bother God about? Do we worry that others have a lot of bigger problems than ours, even if ours are actually pretty big?

When you look at today’s headlines and see all the weather related catastrophes, world-wide illnesses, wars and more, do you tell yourself that you are being selfish to even think of telling God about your minor problems?

I have a dear friend going through a serious health crisis right now and she ended a conversation with me today saying, “I’m sorry to bring you down about this.”  I immediately told her, “You better come to me when you are upset, sad, or just need to vent! That’s what I am here for, and will always be here for.”

After we hung up, I thought, that must be how God feels when we come to Him with our issues, problems, wishes and prayers.  He’s not going to tell us to get over it! He’s not going to tell us He’ll give us something to cry about if we want to really cry! Instead, He’s going to come to us, with outstretched arms, and will wipe those tears from our eyes, pull us close and whisper loving words to us until we are ready to hold onto Him once more.

NOTHING is too big for our God to handle. Nothing. But it extremely important to remember that nothing is too small for Him to handle either. He’s there, reaching out to us always. We just have to meet Him there.

I want you to right now, make a list of all your worries and troubles, whether they are big or small. Then pray about them as you place each one into His waiting hands.

Have a blessed day.


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