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Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

The words "Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving, Psalm 50:14" surrounded by a fall themed border.
"Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving" ~Psalm 50:14

This Psalm was a peek into the new covenant that Jesus would bring, some 1000 years later! The Old Testament was all about animal sacrifice for atonement of sins, but David's writings would reveal that he understood the symbolism that God was teaching. David understood that when we are thankful, our hearts are pure - you can't fake gratitude to someone who knows your heart!
We all know people who advertise when they do "work for the Lord". Tim Hawkins did a great comedy act on pseudo-serving Jesus - after working at church setting up 500 chairs, he couldn't wait to gossip to his friends, used a naughty gesture as he cut someone off in traffic. He was pulled over by a cop who thought he stole the car - "but your bumper sticker says, "Honk if you love Jesus" and you weren't acting like a Christian".
God wants a humble heart of thankfulness - what a great month to make this intentional - as we prepare for Thanksgiving, let us remember that it is not just a day devoted to overeating with our family. We can ask God for the gift of gratitude - He will surely grant it. Thank you, Father!
Have a blessed day!


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