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Seeds of Encouragement

It's so easy to get caught up in complaining about our situation, our health, our government, our kids, our schools, etc. etc. etc. Life is not easy and there is always something or someone else to blame it on. The phrase "negativity breeds negativity" is so true.

I once heard a quote that goes something like this: "Negativity perpetuates itself, breeds dissatisfaction and clutters the mind. And when the mind is cluttered with negativity, happiness is much harder to come by." I find that this is spot on. It drags you down and can even affect your health.

The Jesuit priests would practice turning judgmental thoughts into prayers. I was fascinated by this and tried it myself. The results were astounding! It became a habit - I know it is the Holy Spirit being my conscious and my guide, and I felt light and free. I still struggle sometimes, maybe often - especially with all the negativity surrounding us, but the kingdom of God is love, peace and righteousness - all the of things that Jesus is FOR us. We have His Spirit to lift us into that life - I picture riding a wave - and our attitude can help lift others.

The fruit of His Spirit that we bear can be picked and shared with those around us - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self- control. Let's spread those seeds and let the breath of God carry them far!

Have a blessed day! 💙

Bonnie  @blessedbeboutique


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