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Sometimes God Will Slow You Down

When I read these words, my mind goes to the stories we all heard on 9/11. Of folks missing the train that carried them to their work at the World trade Center. Of others stopping for donuts to treat their co-workers and getting delayed at the pastry shop. Another needing a root canal and the only appointment was 9 am on that fateful day.

You can feel their frustration - we have all experienced that. Traffic bumper-to-bumper on the highway, railroad crossing stoppage, full elevators, missed alarms, ugh - the list goes on and on.

Until we see why there was a delay. Then irritation turns to gratitude. We were spared from something. Protected. We don't always see the reason, but because we DO in some cases, why can't we apply that to every situation that is out of our control?

If we believe that God is in command, then we know that He "works everything together for good for those who love Him" (Rom 8:28). Even the frustrating delays. Even pain and suffering and loss. He knows what is ahead for us - He even protects us from our own senseless choices.

God wrote the big picture - it's a love story. And every good love story has conflict and strife. The journey is not easy. But the ending is a Happily Ever After with Him. Hold onto that when you are going through something. It's hope. Anticipation for things yet to come. The delay intensifies the longing and will make the fulfillment all the greater!

Have a blessed day! 💙


  • I really appreciate this devotional as it means a lot at this time. I am not on social media only use emails.

    Christine Cauiola
  • I would love to get the e mails through my e mail address.

    Carol A. MacDonald
  • This is so true! I’ve experienced it and still get frustrated rather than remembering that God is in control at all times.

    Terry Simison

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