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The Lord God Is With You

Silhouette of a city with the night sky over with the words "Be strong and courageous, for the Lord God is with you, 1 Chronicles 28:20"
"Be strong and courageous, for the Lord God is with you." ~1 Chronicles 28:20

This is a great verse to usher in a new season. As much as I love summer, there is something exciting about fall - the crisp air, the scent of cinnamon, fires and s'mors, the glorious colors of the foliage and flowers. It stirs hope and promise.

Not everyone loves change, but I think it keeps life interesting. I love living in an area where the seasons change drastically - if winter is hard, then I know spring is coming. If spring is impossibly wet and dreary, then summer is only a couple of months away, if summer is wickedly humid, then I can look forward to the cooler temps of fall.

I imagine that the Israelites felt this same anticipation - they were hearing that God would have a permanent resting place in their midst - a brick and mortar temple. David was handing over the plans and materials to his son, Solomon, and charging him with the task. The promise that God would be there must have given them such courage and comfort.

We have a promise to anticipate, too - Jesus is coming! "Come quickly, Lord Jesus!" ~Revelation 22:20
Have a blessed day!


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