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Three Times a Day

Image of two hands clasped in prayer with the words "Three times a day Daniel 6:10"
"An upper room in his house had windows that opened in the direction of Jerusalem. Three times each day he got down on his knees and prayed to his God. He had always praised God this way.Β " ~Daniel 6:3

This chapter is probably the one of the best known stories of the Bible - Daniel and the Lion's Den. We all know how Daniel trusted God to take care of him - his witness to the power of God affected all around him. But I think this verse brings to light something that can be applied to us centuries later.

When praying to anyone other than the king became a death sentence, Daniel didn't change his practice. In fact, the beginning of the verse says that AS SOON as the decree was signed, he went and prayed. He could have closed the windows, pulled the drapes or prayed in another room - that wouldn't have been wrong. But "he had ALWAYS praised God this way" [in the upper room, windows open, facing Jerusalem]. His enemies knew this and guess who was waiting outside his house? I can just picture them rubbing their hands together with glee and racing to tell on Daniel.

How does that apply to us? We know when we're acting with integrity. There are no rationalizations. No excuses. You just know. There is a sense of peace - a supernatural calm in your soul. It is an absolute trust that God has your back. Daniel knew he was going to face the den of lions - he didn't try to avoid it. Even though it doesn't say, I'm willing to bet that Daniel had a restful night, perhaps snuggled up with Simba. The king, on the other hand, didn't sleep a wink. He thought that God would save Daniel. Daniel KNEW that God would save him.
Have a blessed day!


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