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Uphold the Cause of the Poor and the Oppressed

These words are not mine - it is an analysis of a poem by Isaac Watts:

Psalm 82 is a powerful and thought-provoking psalm that addresses the role of God as the supreme governor and judge of the earth. It begins with a vivid depiction of God presiding over an assembly of earthly rulers, scrutinizing their actions and holding them accountable for their decisions.

The psalmist then launches into a passionate critique of these leaders, accusing them of creating unjust laws and supporting the wicked at the expense of the poor and vulnerable. He challenges their authority and questions their legitimacy, emphasizing their mortality and ultimate accountability to God.

The psalm reaches its climax with a fervent plea to God to intervene and establish justice on earth. The psalmist implores God to send his Son to assume his universal throne and rule the nations with righteousness and compassion. This plea reflects the deep longing for divine intervention and the hope for a better world where justice prevails.

The psalm concludes with a declaration of faith in God's sovereignty and his ultimate authority over all creation. The psalmist acknowledges that God is the true judge and ruler, and that his judgments are just and impartial. This affirmation of God's power and justice provides a sense of comfort and hope amidst the challenges and injustices of the world.

Overall, Psalm 82 serves as a powerful reminder of God's supreme authority and his concern for justice and righteousness. It challenges earthly rulers to govern with integrity and compassion, and it expresses the hope for a future where God's kingdom of justice and peace will be fully realized.

~Author unknown


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