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We are the Bibles...


Just think, you may be the only Bible that someone opens. What opportunities we have to be a light in a dark world!

"Actions speak louder than words" - we've all heard that statement many times. It is impossible to do all things correctly all the time - but when we make mistakes, others are aware of how we react. That can make a huge impression.

People do not want "preached at" - words can be so empty and appear to be superficial. But kindness and compassion, mercy and grace - these are the kind of actions that reflect God's love - the same love that is poured into our hearts by His Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5).

The love that enables us to like the unlikeable, to befriend the unfriendly, the love that speaks volumes and gives the world a peek of our great and awesome God. It is like a magnet - we have a great responsibility to present that love in the right light!

I often pray, "Lord, hide my failure and only let Your love shine". I have to trust that God answers this prayer. Paul said in Philippians 1:18 "All that matters is that people are telling about Christ, whether they are sincere or not." A slightly different context, but I think the essence fits.

John 13:35  "All people will know that you are My followers if you love each other." 

Have a blessed day! 💙⁣

~ Bonnie @blessedbeboutique

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